Wisky D'Appy Quill

********************************* Pep squad
Your on the DRAGON TEAM!
And that means you have D'SPIRIT!
We would all like to HEAR IT!
So come along with me to Shout it Out!
And add your voice to the GREAT DRAGON SPIRIT!
Wisky from D'Pep Squad is here to help you out
So give me a YELL and we'll go
Click on the Dragon to give me a Shout!
Baby Wisky says "Come on LET'S HEAR THOSE SHOUTS!"
*********************************************************************** Quill
!!!! WOW !!!!
And Dragons sure know how to
We're here to help you have some Fun!
So watch those Flames
And don't toast your Book!
You'll be giddy with Spirit &
Watch out for icing covered feet!
The Spirit calls, come join us now!
Come out of your cave & show them all.
Your Spirit is high & up to the test,
Come Shout your Cheers with all the rest!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ dragonhunters
Hi There.. I'm DragonHunter Wisky from the Darksbane Dragons at the Site Fights. I was just looking over your site and I think that you might really do well over at our web competition called "The Site Fights". There are so many wonderful things you can do over at the Fights, like Adopt Dragons and other little cute creatures for your pages, get in on scavenger hunts, and most of all, meet a lot of really great people from all over the world!
If you're interested, you can find the Site Fights by going to the following url: http://www.thesitefights.com
My particular team is called the Darksbane Dragons. You can take a look at my team at the following url: http://www.thesitefights.com/sarina/
Come on out and take a look around... We can't wait to meet ya!
Dragon Hunter, Wisky
& Sarina Blackmoon, Manager, Darksbane Dragons

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